Emerging Markets


Guatam Kaji

Gautam Kaji

Chairman and Founding Director

PR Narvekar

Prabhakar Narvekar

Vice Chairman and Founding Director

Harinder Kohli

Harinder Kohli

President and Chief Executive Officer

anil sood

Anil Sood

Director and Chief Operating Officer

Roberto de Ocampo

Roberto de Ocampo

Director and Founding Partner; Chairman of Centennial Asia Advisors

Claudio Loser

Claudio Loser

Director of Centennial Group; Chief Executive Officer of Centennial Group Latin America

Jose Fajgenbaum

Jose Fajgenbaum

Director of Centennial Group and Centennial Group Latin America

Manu Bhaskaran

Manu Bhaskaran

Director of Centennial Group; Chief Executive, Centennial Asia Advisors

Tony Pellegrini

Tony Pellegrini

Director and Head of Infrastructure and Urban Development Practice

Ranjit Ajit Singh

Director and Head of Global Markets Practice

Other Shareholders

Yanbei Yao

Yanbei Yao

Business and Finance Manager

Harpaul Alberto Kohli

Harpaul Alberto Kohli

Manager, Information Analytics

We take an integrated approach to promoting prosperity.

Cross-disciplinary experience enables us to identify links that bridge public and private interests, so that investment in emerging market opportunities also supports development of a global middle class.



We develop actionable strategies to achieve inclusive, sustained growth and promote private sector development and job creation.

development organizations

Development Organizations

We help identify opportunities to maximize development impact in emerging markets and make the most of capital flows to benefit the citizens in those countries.

private sector

Private Sector

We lead assessments of the economic, social, political and cultural variables in fast-growing emerging economies to identify the greatest opportunities to invest in development.

A Team Empowered by Perspective

The 250+ years of combined experience our principals possess from working in premier development organizations around the world inform every strategic advisement opportunity we undertake. Meet the Team

Access our evidence-based tools to inform policy and decision-making at all levels.

We meticulously collect, compile, process, and integrate a wealth of data on the economic, policy, and cultural factors impacting emerging markets, helping to drive your development strategies.

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