How We Are Different

Strategy and Policy Advisors with a Global Reach—and a Holistic View

Through an integrated understanding of the economic, political and social factors impacting developing countries, Centennial Group provides guidance on strategies, policies and approaches to realize opportunities enabled by increasing flows of private capital, technology and management know-how in emerging markets around the world.

Our seasoned team members bring together an extensive and unique blend of experience in high-level policy and strategy formulation at the international, national, and corporate levels, and leverage a robust global network to access multi-disciplinary resources and the world’s top development institutions and business leaders.

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We work differently

Centennial Group International Principals and Associates have led in the design and implementation of some of the most far reaching policy, strategy and program efforts in a number of countries and development institutions. Here’s how we create success:


Our sum is truly larger than our parts.

Comprised of many of the world’s most respected leaders in the development field, our team’s combined reputation, experience, and contacts in emerging markets sets us strongly apart from other advisors.

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Our analysis is rigorous, and our perspective is fully integrated.

We harness our team’s absolute knowledge in a breadth of sectors and countries to understand all factors that affect growth and opportunity, while adapting to remain sensitive to local circumstances and institutional cultures.

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Our guidance is pragmatic and evidence-based.

Our experts have deep first-hand experience as to what does and does not work in different country circumstances, and specialize in translating theoretical approaches into practical success.

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Our services give a 360° view of global opportunity.

From policy research to strategy development related to a country’s infrastructure, trade, technologies, and more, we assess all the factors that enable sustainable growth in emerging economies.

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Where we work across the globe

To date, Centennial Group has worked in 50 countries across five continents, including but not limited to the markets below.

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Learn more about how we bridge public and private interests to further growth in emerging markets, in a way that brings prosperity to all involved.

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