Human Development and Demographics
Human Development and Demographics

Human Development Analyses that Progress Prosperity

Evaluation of human development and demographics trends are an integral part of our work on the past development performance and future prospects. This reflects our belief that human development is absolutely essential for a country’s progress from a poor to an affluent society. Recent studies by UNDP and the World Bank assert that the biggest difference in the wealth of poor countries and advanced countries is in the so-called intangible capital that comprises of human capital and institutions.

Human capital development—through universal and quality education and health care—is critical to achieving inclusive growth as well as improving a country’s productivity and competitiveness. Higher productivity is fundamental to fueling long-term economic growth and also in helping increase wages. Demographic trends determine whether a country will reap a demographic dividend or not and if yes when and for how long. Having worked extensively on HD issues worldwide our world-class experts produce evidence-based analysis and policy advice fitting individual country circumstances.

Typical Human Development and Demographics Assignments

Our human development and demographics related work is usually an integral part of an overall assessment of a country’s, a sector’s development record and prospects, or an institution’s corporate strategy. This was the case in the following assignments:

  • India 2039: An Affluent Society in One Generation
  • Latin America 2040: An Agenda for Resurgence
  • Mexico 2042
  • Asia 2050: Realizing the Asian Century
  • Africa 2050: Realizing the Continent’s Full Potential
  • Kazakhstan 2050: Toward a Modern Society for All
  • Transformation of Agriculture in the ASEAN Region
  • Transforming India’s Agriculture
  • Long Term Corporate Strategy of the Development Bank of Latin America—CAF

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Michelle Riboud

Head of Human Development and Demographics Practice, Centennial Group

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