Corporate Strategy and Effectiveness
Corporate Strategy and Effectiveness

Corporate Strategies that Establish Competitiveness in Emerging Markets

Corporate Strategy and Effectiveness is a major Centennial Group practice. It focuses on the formulation and execution of corporate strategy for private companies that are interested in enhancing their presence in fast-growing emerging economies.

The Practice helps companies re-define their competitive positions in the emerging markets and assists them in achieving these positions, either directly or through strategic partnerships. It also involves assistance in resolving issues or problems in countries in which they are already present.

Our Expertise

We deliver rich expertise in corporate strategy and effectiveness, providing services that include:

  • An intimate knowledge and understanding of the economic, social, political and cultural settings – as well as the interplay between these factors – of the major emerging economies in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.
  • An ability to bridge the perspectives of the country policy makers and the business community in a manner that creates win-win situations for both the host country and international investors.
  • An intimate understanding of the evolving policies and views of multilateral institutions such as the IMF, World Bank, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank and Development Bank of Latin America-CAF.
  • Close personal contacts with top policy-makers in the emerging economies, key decision-makers in the multilateral financial institutions, as well as senior corporate executives of major corporations.
  • Ready access to the latest social and economic data and analyses.
  • An absence of any conflict of interest with any other (non-advisory) business interests.
  • A commitment that a senior member of the firm will be actively in-charge throughout the assignment.

Typical Assignments in Corporate Effectiveness and Strategy

Below is a sampling of the types of corporate effectiveness and strategy projects the Centennial Group team has conducted:

  • Advising the top management of a major US financial house on how to restructure its portfolio, reduce risk exposure, and simultaneously enter promising new business areas in Asia in the aftermath of the Asian Financial Crisis.
  • Developing the corporate strategy of a major European company on how to enter a major Asian market and then help it implement this strategy, and undertake a sensitive troubleshooting assignment in one of its largest client countries.
  • Trouble shooting for a global industry leader in a large Asian market.
  • Advising a major Japanese institution in the formulation of a new business venture and assisting in its related interactions with a multilateral institution.
  • Advising a European client on the formulation of its business strategy for investments in agro-industry in Asia.
  • Advising a European client on the structure and prospects of the insurance industry in a major Asian market in order to assist the client determine whether it should enter the market at this time.
  • Reviewing and helping one of the largest information technology firms in the world to refine its business strategy and plans related to multilateral institutions such as the World Bank.
  • Working with a large private Japanese financial house to identify major investment opportunities in one of the largest markets in the world, and assist in identifying and working with a suitable local partner.
  • Advising US clients on economic and political developments in two major Latin American countries.
  • Working with a consortia of North American hedge funds on their dealings with a government needing debt restructuring.

Our Team

Meet the principal(s) that lead our Corporate Strategy and Effectiveness assignments:

Harinder Kohli

Founding Partner; President; Chief Executive Officer; Chairman, Centennial Group Latin America

Gautam Kaji

Gautam Kaji

Founding Partner; Chairman

Claudio Loser

Claudio Loser

Partner; President/Chief Executive Officer, Centennial Group Latin America

Manu Bhaskaran

Manu Bhaskaran

Founding Partner; President/Chief Executive, Centennial Asia Advisors

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