Governance and Institutions
Governance and Institutions

Assessing and Advancing Governance and Institutions

Our extensive work on the development experience of countries at all stages of development in every part of the world—in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America—has demonstrated that, everything else being equal, the decisive attribute that distinguishes better performing countries from the laggards is the quality of their governance and institutions.

While political governance and accountability of political leaders are important, economic governance and the quality and effectiveness of institutions are crucial. Countries—such as South Korea and Singapore—that have successfully evolved their economic institutions in parallel or even in anticipation of future evolution in the structure of their economies and in the global market place have successfully avoided falling in the middle-income trap and joined the ranks of advanced economies.

Centennial Group has the capacity to address issues of economic governance and institutions at the national, sub-national, and sector levels, based on our extensive work in over 50 countries in all regions. Based on this work, we have developed methodologies, concepts and databases to assess the relative quality, credibility and effectiveness of economic institutions in different country circumstances.

Typical Governance and Institutions Assignments

Our governance related work is usually an integral part of an overall assessment of a country’s and/or a sector’s development record and prospects. This was the case in the following assignments:

  • India 2039: An Affluent Society in One Generation
  • Latin America 2040: An Agenda for Resurgence
  • Mexico 2042
  • Asia 2050: Realizing the Asian Century
  • Africa 2050: Realizing the Continent’s Full Potential
  • Kazakhstan 2050: Toward a Modern Society for All
  • Transformation of Agriculture in the ASEAN Region
  • Transforming India’s Agriculture

Our Team

Meet the principal(s) that lead our Governance and Institutions assignments:

Johannes Linn

Johannes Linn

Resident Senior Scholar, Emerging Markets Forum

Theodore Ahlers

Theodore Ahlers

Head of Global Trade and Competitiveness Practice; Director of Middle East and Africa, Centennial Group

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