Climate Change and Environment

Strategies that Address the Global Threat of Climate Change

There is a growing recognition both in advanced and (increasingly) in emerging market economies that climate change and environment is now arguably the most serious long-term threat to human life and our planet. Unless early remedial actions are now taken urgently and with great vigor, the very existence of life as we know today may well be threatened and altered permanently.

Studies published by our affiliate, the Emerging Markets Forum, have demonstrated that even if the so-called developed countries carry out the promises made at the Hague Summit Meeting in 2009, global temperature rise by 2100 simply cannot be contained to less than 2 degrees as mutually agreed by the international community. This is because by now some of the largest emitters of the greenhouse gases (GHGs) are the largest emerging economies, such as China, India, Turkey and Indonesia; and their carbon emissions are rising much faster than Europe, Japan and North America.

On the other hand, if the eight EMCs that are members of the G-20 join the international climate mitigation efforts by taking actions less ambitious actions, their impact would be almost four times of the developed country’s impact. Only joint efforts by developed as well as emerging markets countries can contain global warming that will have major adverse consequences for all countries and all human beings. In light of the above, climate change is becoming a major practice area for the Centennial Group. We are aggressively building our team with a diverse set of capabilities and work experience.

Typical Climate Change Assignments

Below is a sampling of the types of climate change-related projects the Centennial Group team has conducted for governments, development organizations, and the private sector:

  • Four path-breaking studies discussed and subsequently published by the Emerging Markets Forum that critically examined as to what is in the self-interest of emerging markets as a whole and for three of the largest EMCs: China, India and Brazil.
  • Incorporation of environmental and climate change agenda in the corporate strategies formulated for three major development assistance institutions: Asian Development Bank; African Development Bank; and Development Bank of Latin America-CAF.
  • Review of the impact of climate change on the long term developments prospects of Kazakhstan (in Kazakhstan 2050).
  • Review of the long term implications of climate change on five Central Asian Countries (Kyrgyz Republic, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan) and possible remedial actions for mitigation and adaptation (in Central Asia 2050).

Our Team

Meet the principal(s) that lead our Climate Change and Environment assignments:

Bindu Lohani

Bindu Lohani

Distinguished Fellow, Emerging Markets Forum; Head of Global Climate Change Practice

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