Anil Sood

Anil Sood

Partner; Chief Strategy Officer

Anil Sood

Anil Sood is a Partner of Centennial Group International. Prior to joining the Centennial Group, he held many senior positions at the World Bank, including Vice President responsible for Strategy, Change and Resource Management. His expertise is on a wide range of development issues, strategy and institutional effectiveness. He has advised chief executives and senior management of a large number of multilateral and UN development organizations. Mr. Sood now focuses on issues of growth and global competitiveness, and on development evaluation. He has an MBA from Harvard Business School (Baker Scholar) and BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (Distinguished Alumni).

Areas of Expertise:

Development strategy

Private sector development

Growth and global competitiveness

Development effectiveness and evaluation

Institutional effectiveness

Past Experience:

World Bank – Vice President, Strategy, Change and Resource Management

World Bank – Numerous senior operational positions

Key Advisory Engagements

African Development Bank

Asian Development Bank

Development Bank of Latin America (CAF)

Islamic Development Bank

International Fund for Agriculture Development

United Nations Development Programme

United Nations Economic Commission of Africa