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United in Mission and Work: Promoting Prosperity and Growth Around the World

Together with our sister companies, Centennial Group International serves governments, development organizations and the private sector in emerging markets by providing guidance and strategies that help realize growth opportunities and promote prosperity for all.

Our Companies

Meet the companies that are delivering strategies that realize opportunities on a local, national and global scale.

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Centennial Group International

Through an integrated understanding of the economic, political and social factors impacting developing countries, and led by a team of experienced leaders, Centennial Group International provides guidance on strategies, policies and approaches to realize opportunities enabled by increasing flows of private capital, technology and management know-how in emerging markets around the world.

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Centennial Advisors Asia

Centennial Asia Advisors, Singapore

Centennial Asia Advisors deliver timely and accurate economic and political analysis to investors, focused on anticipating key turning points that affect the client’s interests in the Asia-Pacific region. Clients include public agencies and central banks, as well as fund managers and investment banks. The company draws strength from its flexibility to tailor products to fit client’s specific interests. It provides detailed macro-economic forecasts, scenario analysis and timely assessments of how specific major economic and political developments may affect a client’s areas of interest.

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Centennial Group Latin America

Centennial Group Latin America was founded in early 2006, in response to growing client demand for stronger support in Latin America. It is a full-service subsidiary of the Centennial Group with on-the-ground presence in Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia. Its principals come from both private and public sectors,and include former ministers, central bank governors, and senior executives of the IMF and World Bank. The firm is particularly strong in: economic and political analysis; financial sector and infrastructure development (including public private partnerships); and public procurement systems.

Centennial Group India Logo

Centennial Group India

Centennial India is a full-service company with a particular focus on providing international clients with in-depth knowledge and contacts in India, as well as introducing Indian clients to global markets. For further details contact Chander M. Vasudev (cmvasudev@gmail.com).

Emerging Markets Institute Logo

Emerging Markets Institute, Beijing

Emerging Markets Institute (EMI), Beijing Normal University (BNU) is a platform for international exchanges and cooperation that works with governments, academic institutes and businesses by providing academic research, policy consulting and business consulting and by training executive level managers for emerging markets. EMI also explores the new patterns of economic growth in emerging markets and contributes to the progress of Development Economics.

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Emerging Markets Forum

Emerging Markets Forum

The Forum is a not-for-profit joint venture of the Centennial Group. The Emerging Markets Forum exists to promote action on important economic, political and social issues for emerging markets. By enabling senior political, corporate leaders and public servants to reach consensus on practical solutions, EMF is an important part of global economic discussions. Beijing Normal University is an intellectual partner.

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