Research: Rich Knowledge Products Rooted in Data

Centennial Group’s research involves the careful collection, compilation and processing of a wealth of economic and financial data, at regional, national and global levels. Our research-based knowledge products are important tools that inform and formulate policy and decision-making for development organizations, governments and the private sector.

Read about Centennial’s Resilience Index, an example of one of our research products. If you are interested in putting our robust research capabilities and products to work for your organization or entity, contact one of our team members today.

Resilience Index

Resilience Index: Measuring Countries’ Resilience to Shock

This index compares and measures indicators of resilience of 60 emerging market countries to external shocks and ten sub-indicies for the years 1996 to 2010. An overview of the methodology is given in Boorman et al (2010) “The New Resilience of Emerging Market Countries: Weathering the Recent Crisis in the Global Economy”. Centennial Group Working Paper.

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