Vinod Goel

Vinod Goel

Head of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Practice

Vinod Goel

Dr. Vinod K. Goel is Head of Global Knowledge and Innovation Practice at Centennial Group, Senior Consultant at World Bank, President of G2 Group Ventures, and CEO and President of Lagom Group, an advisory firm specializing in international development, R&D and innovation policy, inclusive (BoP) innovation, MSME, private and finance sectors development, strategy, capacity building and financial management. His expertise is on a wide range of financial and private sectors, knowledge, R&D, innovation and competitiveness issues. He advises senior officials of the public and private sector institutions, and international development organizations. An active Investor, he has also served as Senior Advisor, Board member and Investor in small businesses. Dr. Goel has an MBA (Honors) and a PhD from Cornell University, and a Masters from National Dairy Research Institute, India.

Areas of Expertise:

Knowledge, R&D, innovation and competitiveness

Inclusive (Pro-BoP) innovation

Private sector development including SME and agro-processing

Development strategy and financial management

Institutional capacity building and M&E and impact assessment

Past Experience:

World Bank – Division Chief, Principal Operations Officer and other Administrative and Operational Positions

Lagom Group Inc – Founder, CEO and President

Key Advisory Engagements

World Bank

Asian Development Bank

Development Bank of Latin America (CAF)

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)