Mahmood Ayub

Mahmood Ayub

Senior Associate

Mahmood Ayub

Having worked with the World Bank for 30 years, and with over 35 years of experience in Economics, Development and Operations, Dr. Mahmood Ayub has been a senior manager with both the World Bank and the United Nations Development Program at the Director level. He has extensive experience on countries in the Middle East, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and Central Asia. He also has field experience as Representative of the World Bank and UNDP in Egypt, Turkey and Bolivia. Dr. Ayub is currently a Senior Associate with the Centennial International Group. He also teaches Economics at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in Pakistan. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from Yale University. He has published widely on economic development issues, macroeconomic policy, poverty and inequality, and capacity development issues.

Areas of Expertise:

Economic development issues

Macroeconomic policy

Country Risk Assessment

Poverty and inequality

Capacity development

Past Experience:

World Bank – Director of Operations and Strategy, and numerous other senior assignments

Director Central Asia, United Nations Development Program

Resident Coordinator, United Nations

Key Advisory Engagements

United Nations Development Program

Japanese International Cooperation Agency

Government of Niger