Anupam Basu

Anupam Basu

Senior Associate

Anupam Basu

Anupam Basu is a Senior Associate of the Centennial Group. He joined the Centennial Group after a long career in the International Monetary Fund, where he had served as Deputy Director of the Africa Department and Senior Advisor in the Policy Development and Review Department. He is an expert in the macroeconomic analysis of developing economies, including the design of fiscal, monetary, exchange rate and structural policies, financial programming, debt management policies and the assessment of debt sustainability. In recent years he has prepared studies on these issues in a number of countries, including Albania, Bangladesh, Botswana, East Timor, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, and Vanuatu. He has also worked on the regional integration issues of Sub-Saharan Africa, including issues dealing with monetary and trade integration, and the harmonization of various structural policies. His contributions to the Centennial Group’s work on Sub-Saharan Africa have included the analyses of the region’s record in economic growth, competitiveness and job-creation, and in macroeconomic stability and resilience. He has written on the potential role of SDRs in financing infrastructure projects and the global response to climate change, and on the assessment of various financing options for funding global refugee rehabilitation and integration programs in refugee-hosting states. Mr. Basu has a PhD in Economics and an MS in Statistics from Stanford University, and a BSc in Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Areas of Expertise:

Macroeconomic performance and growth in African economies

Macroeconomics of developing economies

Financial programming

Macroeconomic risk assessment and debt sustainability analysis

Regional monetary and trade integration issues

Exchange rate regimes and monetary policy frameworks

Econometrics and quantitative economic analysis

Past Experience:

IMF – Deputy Director of the Africa Department

IMF – Senior Advisor in the Policy Development and Review Department

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) – Economic Advisor to the Governor of RBI

Key Advisory Engagements

Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA)