Kazakhstan 2050: Toward a Modern Society for All

Kazakhstan 2050: Toward a Modern Society for All

In December 2012 the President of Kazakhstan introduced “Kazakhstan 2050”, a vision and agenda for the country, which postulates that Kazakhstan will join the ranks of the top thirty developed countries by 2050. Centennial Group International, on behalf of Nazarbayev University of Kazakhstan and in collaboration with the National Analytical Center of Nazarbayev University organized an independent assessment by a team of international experts of what will be needed to achieve this vision.

The volume is co-edited by Aktoty Aitzhanova, Shigeo Katsu, Johannes F. Linn and Vladislav Yezhov and was published in February 2014 by Oxford University Press.

Based on a review of Kazakhstan’s socioeconomic development over the last 20 years and an assessment of the outlook of the global economy, the book explores how Kazakhstan can build the foundations for an inclusive modern society in seven priority areas by: building a strong human resource base; managing its energy resources sustainably; growing a green economy; pursuing balanced and efficient urban and regional development; creating a diversified, modern knowledge economy; becoming fully integrated with the rest of the world; and, underpinning all else, building effective and inclusive institutions.

The assessment concludes that the vision is very ambitious, but broadly feasible. It presents options for short, medium and long-term action in each of the seven priority areas. Recognizing that there are no blueprints for success, and that Kazakhstan faces many uncertainties, the book also concludes with set of eight principles that can help guide policy makers on a pathway towards the vision of Kazakhstan 2050.

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The book can be ordered from Amazon.com. The official launch of the book took place in Astana on May 2, 2014.

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