Tomás Baliño

Tomás Baliño

Senior Associate

Tomás Baliño

Tomás J. Baliño is a Senior Associate of Centennial Group International. Prior to joining the Centennial Group, he held many senior positions at the International Monetary Fund, retiring as Deputy Director of the Monetary and Capital Markets Department. He has a broad experience on a wide range of macroeconomic, public debt management, and monetary and financial sector issues—including Islamic markets, on which he has also published extensively. Mr. Baliño has lately focused on Islamic financial systems and on financial sector stability issues. He holds a Ph.D. and an M.A. (both in Economics) from the University of Chicago and a degree (Licenciado) in Political Economy from the University of Buenos Aires.

Areas of Expertise:

Financial stability and financial sector issues

Monetary policy

Capital markets

Public debt management


Islamic financial systems

Past Experience:

International Monetary Fund – Deputy Director, Monetary and Capital Markets Department

International Monetary Fund – Numerous senior operational and advisory positions

Central Bank of Argentina – Deputy Director, Center for Monetary and Banking Studies

Visiting Professor University of Bahía Blanca, Argentina

Assistant Professor – University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

National Development Council (Argentina) – Senior Analyst, Financing Division

Key Advisory Engagements

Interamerican Development Bank

Islamic Financial Board

Asian Development Bank

United Nations