Donald Strombom

Donald Strombom

Director and Head of Procurement Practice

Donald Strombom

Donald Strombom, Director Centennial Group International, is an authority on international procurement procedures and standards, and has achieved many path-breaking accomplishments in the field of public-sector governance, public procurement policies and systems. An international engineering consultant before joining the World Bank, he began his career there as a transport engineer in Urban Projects and held various managerial positions in the urban development field before becoming Chief of Procurement Policy. He was responsible for formulating and administering the policies and procedures governing the contracting for all goods, works and services in World Bank-financed projects in developing countries. These policies have been adopted virtually intact by all multilateral development banks. His subsequent international consulting work continues to contribute to the further refinement, evolution and improved effectiveness of procurement and contracting practices, including strengthening anti-corruption measures. He has a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the University of Washington and is based in Venice, Italy.

Areas of Expertise:

Procurement policies and procedures

Public-sector governance

Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP)

Procurement dispute resolution

Performance effectiveness

Project management


Past Experience:

World Bank – Chief of Procurement

World Bank – Urban Projects Manager

Private Sector – International Engineering Consultant

Key Advisory Engagements

African Development Bank – Evaluation of Effectiveness of Procurement Performance

African Development Bank – Procurement Fiduciary Safeguards and Risk Management

Millennium Challenge Corporation – Procurement Agent Services: Morocco, Philippines

Millennium Challenge Corporation – Procurement Curriculum Development and Training

Government of Ghana – PPP for IT Systems for Revenue Generating Organizations

Private Sector Clients